Did you know that the name of Bluetooth technology derives from the name of a Danish King ?

We all know what a Bluetooth is, but do you know where did the technology got it’s name from?

I came across an article of  Jim Kardach where he explains all about it.

Why am I sharing this article, today?

Well, yesterday, 8th of september we celebrated Literacy day, and I felt that I could highlight with this article the importance of reading. 

What is the connection?

The name Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th century, second King of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth; who was famous for uniting Scandinavia just as the Eriksson company aimed to unite the computers and other devices wirelessly. The inspiration was a history book and without it the Bluetooth technology might have been called Biz-RF, Low Power-RF or other confusing names.

Read! Get inspired!


500 days of Summer By Just Another Idiot

I was trying to download a movie and i found this poem for the movie 500Summer days. And i liked it. pretty cool isn´t?

”Winter ended in vain, causing traumatic lonesome pain.

But suddenly Summer came, innocent
Mysteriously not the same.

Summer change the life with in,
Butterfly stomachs with crooked grins.

Summer bloomed without a warning,
cant focus my head without even turning.

A friendship started and soon mutated,
With feelings unknown i guess infatuated.

Days, weeks, months pass by.
When we parted ways I begun to sigh.

But tragidy took place and went out of hand, for what we have is only friends.

Summer shattered the heart inside,
Corrupted me whole and there was nothing to hide.

The thoughts of bliss turned amiss,
As it fades with anger,she was still missed.

Silence grew with in us, as friendship begun to stall. Summer moved on while I begun to fall.

Fate is destined to slap us in the face,
Provide us some hope of what it really taste.

Summer found the love of her life,
My hopes are gone for she was his wife.

I wokeup and my life was a mess,
Its like having an “F” on my life’s own test.

Summer knew we were’nt meant to be,
But all that I have was summer but I have to set her free.

Summer smiled with tearful glee,
I ptetended to smile back, but its all inside me.

Anger, confused and bitter ordeals.
I guess this is what gloom really feels.

But time seems to be on my side,
For summer slowly fades inside.

And as I started to see God’s providence
Everything seems to make some sense.

For when you think everything wont be the same, suddenly there she was.. Autumn finally came.